The MaketoCare inititive is promoted by Sanofi Genzyme, Specialty Care division of Sanofi. Sanofi Genzyme is specifically providing solutions for rare diseases, multiple sclerosis, oncology and immunology. MaketoCare wants to celebrate and support initiatives and projects arising from the cleverness and passion of the Maker community.

TALKING HANDS project, finalist for Make to Care 2016 edition and winner of ROME Prize 2016 edition


MAKEtoCARE is also a contest, promoted for the first time in 2016. The award stems from the desire to bring out and facilitate the implementation, along with the dissemination, of innovative and useful solutions to meet the real needs of people who have any form of disability, it being understood as any sharp decrease in the quality of life due to diseases and/or traumatic events.

Applications for MAKEtoCARE edition 2017 are closed.
The award evening will be on November 29th at:
La Lanterna, Via Tomacelli 157.
Each selected project will be presented and the Jury will proclaim the two final winners.

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Jury members 2017 edition Download contest rules

Guide for submission


All finalists of MAKEtoCARE contest 2017 edition

Optical Wheelchair
Sedia a rotelle con comando tramite movimento oculare
Winner 2017 Edition
Esoscheletro robotico comandato da impulsi muscolari
Winner 2017 Edition
Adam’s Hand
Protesi mioelettrica personalizzabile della mano.
Open Rampette
Servizio per il miglioramento dell’accessibilità degli esercizi commerciali
Strumento per la riabilitazione fisioterapica propriocettiva
Collezione di abiti sensoriali per il trattamento terapeutico di persone autistiche.
Simpaty-hand App
Strumento musicale assistivo realizzato con smartphone.
Sistema di supporto alla navigazione per atleti non vedenti.

All the finalists of the previous edition of the Make to Care 2016 contest

Flexible & interactive kit to build extremely accessible mouse and keybords
Winner 2016 Edition
A wearable device that digitizes several existing touch-based alphabet to enable blind and deaf-blind people to use to interact with the world.
Winner 2016 Edition
Disability Mouse
A low-cost mouse, powered by mouth movement and breath, thanks to 3d printing and Arduino.
Comprehensive solution for hearing and sight issues.
Hubotics, Robotics for Human Beings
A fully 3d-printed exoskeleton for home rehabilitation of upper limbs.
Solution for hearing impaired people, making them feel more independent and safe.
Io Kitchen
A modular & accessible kitchen for all.
A low cost BRAILLE display.
A wearable device to monitor Parkinson disease progression.
SoundSight Training
A virtual reality that simulates sound in a 3D way of different kind of environment and different scenarios and learn echolocalization.
Talking Hands
A wearable device that enables the translation of the LIS (Italian Sign Language).
TooWheels Opensource Wheelchair
A low cost, do-it- yourself openshare wheelchair.
Personalized objects for daily activities realized through digital fabrication and according to end-users needs.


In the context of the project MakeToCare, Fondazione Politecnico of Politecnico di Milano and Sanofi Genzyme signed a collaborative protocol. Polifactory, on behalf of Fondazione Politecnico and as technical-scientific partner, supports the project through a research activity aimed at identifying and mapping the MAKEtoCARE ecosystem and in order to draft a First Report on the theme, which will be presented in Rome during the European Maker Faire 2017.