Open source walking aids collection

NEXT STEPSis a project coordinated and developed by Polifactory, Polifactory, makerspace and Fab Lab of "Politecnico di Milano" in collaboration with Sanofi Genzyme and Sanofi Genzyme and AIG ("Associazione Italiana Glicogenosi").
Antonella Ferrari, from the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association, and Fabio Gorrasi, innovative caregiver, also collaborated in the initial stages of NEXT STEPS.

NEXT STEPS is an experimental initiative that stimulates designers, makers, patients and associations to collaborate, co-design and prototype walking aids by transforming them into open source products. They are meant to be distributed on digital platforms and then materialized in Fab Labs.
Some aids can be designed using open source knowledge, software and hardware to be made in Fab Labs, combining makers skills and technologies for digital manufacturing.

Five aids were designed in 2019: WANDER3D, "IoT walker" equipped with an electric motor and a control system; Clip Clap, collection of 3D printed add-ons to create aesthetic customizations of common crutches; STAN3D, crutch with interchangeable accessories; TWISTR and TAYLOR, two walking sticks made through parametric and generative design processes and 3D printing.