FUEL is designed to help people with multiple sclerosis or cancer, addressing the challenge posed by Sanofi Genzyme, but it also targets all the people affected by chronic diseases. It is a "fatigue manager" who helps patients understand their energy status and to reorganize their lives by giving priority to their most important elements. Furthermore, FUEL is also designed to improve the relationship with caregivers, including the circle of people who are closer to patients in their daily life, helping them to understand the patient's condition. FUEL operation is based on a Machine Learning algorithm that analyzes patients' responses, as well as parameters such as the blink of the eyes, to analyze and estimate their amount of energy starting from their smartphones.


*Ludovico Cavazzuti, Pratyush Dadhich, Daniela De Sainz, Eugenia Dessì, Chiara Pacchiarotti, Mirco Tincani, Ugo Vergallo